Would you like to have the CONFIDENCE to overcome the setbacks, failures and crises you experience?

The good news is you can transform your feelings of negativity and gloom with a powerful cure called: HOPE

Hope provides you with optimism, confidence and a feeling of “I can overcome this”.

Hope is not a wish. Hope is an action. And YOU have the power to create hope.

You can spend your time wishing your life will get better.
Or you can spend your time making your life better.
It is YOUR choice.


  • Develop a realistic action plan to bounce back up when life knocks you down
  • Learn how to become more resilient and adaptable when setbacks occur.
  • Find out how your thoughts can transform fear into courage.
  • Discover the crucial differences between hopefulness and hopelessness.

Bounce Back to Success

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What Do Audiences Say About Walt?

"Walt has the rare ability to blend the craft of storytelling with the art of teaching...."
--Jeff Jay, Director of Program Development, Brighton Hospital
"During my career, I have had the opportunity to hear many speakers, each with their own unique speaking style. However, none have been as enlightening or entertaining as your presentation."
--Deborah Wickey, Administrator, Cass County Medical Care Facilities Council
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