Humor & Inspiration

Do you really enjoy your job?

Do you finish the day worn out?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, you can achieve success and have fun doing it. You will be given practical tools to reduce stress, re-energize yourself, defuse conflict and make your job more fun. As a bonus, humor will help you with your productivity and creativity. Take your job seriously but yourself lightly. Find out how to enjoy the lighter side of your success and even get a standing ovation for all your accomplishments? According to the business journal, Human Resources Focus, 96% of the Executives surveyed said that employees with a sense of humor do a better job than employees with little or no sense of humor.

Benefits of this keynote presentation:

  • Discover the crucial difference between employees who have fun at work and those who don't.
  • Reduce the amount of stress hormones in the bloodstream with laughter.
  • Find out the value of humor in resolving conflicts at the workplace.
  • Learn the way to end the work week with a laugh and drive home with a smile on your face.


Are you looking for a Humor Program that adjusts attitudes in your personal life?

If so, Laugh Till It Hurts So Good!, my keynote presentation, deals with that exact topic.

What Do Audiences Say About Walt?

"I had just come off a really 'down' school year and was honestly considering a career change when your Program really changed my attitude and outlook for the year….Keep up the awesome teachings. You are truly inspiring."
--Debbie Carter, Missouri Association of Pupil Transportation
"Walt came with high recommendations and he did not disappoint. His speech, 'Humor in the Workplace' kept everyone laughing and energized our members for the rest of the Conference. It taught our members valuable lessons about how humor can be used in the workplace to improve morale and make it a better place for all."
--Tim Walstrum, CPP, President, Baltimore Chapter American Payroll Association
Want to talk with Walt about tailoring a program for your Association, Company, or Organization?