Keynote Topics

Humor, Motivation, Leadership, Customer Care, Communication


As a keynote speaker, I cover topics for the real world.

Do you believe that success in the real world requires real world solution?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. No theories. No fluff - just real substance.

I bet you want practical ideas that will help you achieve real success. That’s what you will get. Practical solutions to succeed in a world that is based on performance and results. The real world. Your world.

Get better results from the work you do and the life you live!

Regardless of the topic, you will get the right mix of humor, simple strategies and tangible tools that you can start using right away.

A description of each of my keynote presentations is included below. Please note - each keynote is tailored to the unique characteristics, needs, and goals of your audience.

Keynote Presentation Topics


The Power of Fun at Work
(Humorous & Practical)

Do you finish your work day worn out? Learn to reduce stress, re-energize, be more creative, and have maximum fun at work. Yes, you can achieve success and have fun doing it.


The Secret to Bouncing Back from Setbacks, Failures, and Crises
(Create Hope)

Did you ever have the feeling of hopelessness?


Laugh Til It Hurts So Good
(Fun & Motivational)

Taking life too seriously? Discover how to bring the joy back to your life. Laugh so hard you get tears in your eyes. Humor is a massage for the soul.


Inspire Employees to Go the Extra Mile
(Inspirational Leadership)

Would you like your employees to have the drive and enthusiasm that you have? Great leaders know how to inspire their employees to perform at a high level. Learn the crucial factor for great leadership.


Fun at Work = Bigger Profits
(Fun & Motivational)

Your employees will learn how to perform better which will make them more valuable to your business. Leaders are always looking to gain the competitive edge. Who would have thought fun and humor is a great resource? It’s available 24/7 and it’s free!


You Can Survive Without Customers But Not For Long
(Customer Service & Customer Loyalty)

Do you have to deal with demanding customers? Learn how to turn them into cooperative and loyal customers. C.A.R.E for your customers to make them feel good and to enjoy your job more.

What Do Audiences Say About Walt's Keynote Presentations?

“Walt engages his audience, empowers the participants and has them leave with a sense of hope for the future!”
--Mary Pachmayer, Michigan Association of School Boards Conference
“Overall, he was the best speaker at the Convention....His honesty, laughter and humor....the whole speech was tremendous.”
--Shirley Faile, South Carolina School Nutrition Association