Presentation Skills

You have to give a speech or a report.
You’re dreading it.
You’re getting very nervous.

The good news is you can prevent this from happening with the right kind of preparation and practice. This will give you the confidence to succeed. If you're an experienced speaker, do you want to be remembered?

Telling the right story and using humor will help you stand out as a speaker.

Whether you need to make a short speech or a long speech or even an introduction, I can help you to overcome your fear of speaking, be more comfortable and even get a laugh. This can be done through a Keynote Program, one-to-one coaching or over the phone.

Let’s start with your message. Then add the structure. Liven it up with your delivery. And to make it truly memorable, spice it up with humor. You might say, “I can’t tell a joke.” You don’t have to. Leave that up to the comedians. Anyone who’s willing to practice can make people laugh. The key is to choose humor which reflects you personality, your circumstances and your life lessons.

If you’re an experienced speaker, humor can help distinguish you from your colleagues. In the speaking profession, it’s said that you don’t have to use humor unless you want to stay in the profession.

Whether it’s public speaking or written material, I will help you craft and deliver a message with humor that will make it memorable.

Benefits of this keynote presentation:

  • Calm your nerves and bring your best self to the moment.
  • Learn to focus on your key messages and design a structured presentation.
  • Add your own personality and humor to deliver a stellar presentation!

What Do Audiences Say About Walt?

"Walt has the rare ability to blend the craft of storytelling with the art of teaching...."
--Jeff Jay, Director of Program Development, Brighton Hospital
"During my career, I have had the opportunity to hear many speakers, each with their own unique speaking style. However, none have been as enlightening or entertaining as your presentation."
--Deborah Wickey, Administrator, Cass County Medical Care Facilities Council
Want to talk with Walt about tailoring a program for your Association, Company, or Organization?